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Web solutions & services customized to your needs

Up-to-date technology

In Corfu Portals, we are always in touch with the latest technological advances and the current trends in web design, and we apply them in your project; in your website.

Responsive Design

Laptop, desktops, smartphones, tablets...why having a website designed only for one of these devices? With responsive design, your website is displayed properly in all devices!

Graphic design & aesthetics

Your website, apart from usable, has to be visually attractive, to attract and engage visitors. With the help of our graphic design partner, we design tasteful aesthetics for your website.


We will give you the initial boost you will need for getting visitors. We will spread the word out about your new website and your products through various social media and advertising platforms.


A brief history of Corfu Portals

  • Corfu Portals

    OCTOBER 2009

    Corfu Portals is born

    Corfu Portals is founded in Corfu, with the initial goal of providing web design services, SEO, promotion, mobile apps, etc.

  • Corfu Politikos

    MARCH 2010

    The first large-scale project

    Corfu Portals launches its first large-scale project: CorfuPolitikos, which became CorfuNews after the 2010 elections.

  • Full Service

    SEPTEMBER 2010

    Transition to full service

    The transition to full service for Corfu Portals takes place.

  • New model

    JANUARY 2014

    New operation

    Corfu Portals is operating under a new model, which allows us to work on selected, ambitious projects.

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Meet the Corfu Portals team

Thanos Avlonitis

Thanos Avlonitis


Costas Boletsis

Costas Boletsis


Panos Michail

Panos Michail